1863 Gettysburg Village Drive: A Comprehensive Guide to a Historic Neighborhood

Welcome to 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive, a captivating neighborhood steeped in history and brimming with modern-day charm. As we embark on this journey, let us delve into the unique tapestry of this beloved community, exploring its real estate market, local amenities, and the vibrant spirit that defines its residents.

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive stands as a testament to the area’s rich heritage. Its tree-lined streets, charming homes, and historic landmarks invite residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the town’s storied past while embracing the conveniences and amenities of contemporary living.

Gettysburg Village Drive Overview

Gettysburg Village Drive is a residential street located in the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is situated within walking distance of the Gettysburg National Military Park, making it a popular destination for tourists and history enthusiasts.

The area surrounding Gettysburg Village Drive was originally farmland, but it was developed into a residential neighborhood in the early 20th century. The homes on the street are primarily single-family dwellings, and many of them have been carefully preserved to maintain the historic character of the area.

Demographics and Socioeconomic Characteristics

The community of Gettysburg Village Drive is predominantly white, with a median age of 45. The median household income is $75,000, which is higher than the national average. The majority of residents are employed in professional or managerial occupations.

Real Estate Market Analysis

1863 Gettysburg Village Drive: A Comprehensive Guide to a Historic Neighborhood

The real estate market in Gettysburg Village Drive is experiencing a period of steady growth, driven by several factors including the area’s strong economy, desirable location, and limited housing inventory.

Home prices in Gettysburg Village Drive have risen steadily over the past several years, with the median home price currently sitting at $450,000. This represents a 5% increase over the previous year and is significantly higher than the national median home price of $375,000.

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Nestled amidst lush greenery, the serene 1089 Cherokee Village Trail offers a tranquil retreat. Its sprawling backyard features a sparkling pool, a fire pit for cozy evenings, and a shaded patio for relaxation. The home’s inviting interior boasts a spacious living area, a cozy fireplace, and a gourmet kitchen that is a chef’s dream.

Sales Volume

Sales volume in Gettysburg Village Drive has also increased in recent years, with the number of homes sold rising by 10% over the past year. This increase in sales volume is indicative of the strong demand for housing in the area and is expected to continue in the coming months.

Market Inventory

The market inventory in Gettysburg Village Drive is currently very low, with only a few months’ worth of inventory available. This low inventory is due to the high demand for housing in the area and is expected to continue to drive up home prices in the coming months.

Comparison to Surrounding Areas

Compared to surrounding areas, the real estate market in Gettysburg Village Drive is performing very well. Home prices in Gettysburg Village Drive are significantly higher than in neighboring communities, and the sales volume is also much higher. This is due to the area’s desirable location and strong economy.

Factors Influencing Real Estate Values

There are several factors that are influencing real estate values in Gettysburg Village Drive, including:

  • Location:Gettysburg Village Drive is located in a desirable area with easy access to major highways, shopping, and dining.
  • Economy:The Gettysburg area has a strong economy with a diverse range of industries.
  • Schools:Gettysburg Village Drive is served by the Gettysburg Area School District, which is one of the top-rated school districts in the state.
  • Limited inventory:The low inventory of homes in Gettysburg Village Drive is also driving up home prices.

Local Amenities and Attractions

Gettysburg Village Drive is nestled amidst a vibrant community that offers a plethora of amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. From local businesses and restaurants to parks and entertainment options, the area has something to cater to every taste and preference.

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Residents can take advantage of the convenience of local businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and hardware stores. The area also boasts a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments, offering a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy any craving.

For a luxurious escape in a peaceful setting, consider the exquisite 102 Village Drive . This waterfront haven boasts breathtaking views, a private dock, and a spacious deck for entertaining. Its elegant interior features high ceilings, a grand staircase, and a gourmet kitchen that will inspire culinary creations.

Parks and Recreation

Gettysburg Village Drive is surrounded by several parks and recreational areas that provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. Codorus State Park, just a short drive away, offers scenic hiking trails, fishing spots, and boating facilities.

Entertainment and Cultural Events

The area is rich in cultural and entertainment options. The Gettysburg Community Theatre presents a variety of live performances throughout the year, while the Gettysburg College Majestic Theater hosts concerts, lectures, and other events.

The annual Gettysburg Festival, held in July, celebrates the town’s rich history with parades, reenactments, and live music. The Gettysburg Ghost Tour provides a unique and spooky way to explore the town’s haunted past.

Transportation and Accessibility

Gettysburg Village Drive offers a comprehensive transportation network, providing convenient access to various destinations.

Public transportation is readily available, with multiple bus routes serving the area. These routes connect Gettysburg Village Drive to downtown Gettysburg and surrounding neighborhoods, ensuring seamless commuting.

Road Infrastructure and Major Highways

The road infrastructure in Gettysburg Village Drive is well-developed, with well-maintained roads and ample parking facilities. The area is strategically located near major highways, including US-15 and PA-116, offering easy access to regional destinations and beyond.

Walkability and Bikeability

Gettysburg Village Drive promotes active lifestyles with its walkable and bikeable design. Sidewalks and designated bike lanes encourage residents to explore the neighborhood on foot or by bicycle, fostering a sense of community and environmental sustainability.

Education and Healthcare

Gettysburg Village Drive offers access to reputable educational institutions and comprehensive healthcare facilities, catering to the diverse needs of residents and the surrounding community.

Families in the area have access to high-quality schools, providing a strong academic foundation for children. The schools boast dedicated teachers, innovative curricula, and a supportive learning environment.

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Educational Institutions, 1863 gettysburg village drive

  • Gettysburg Area School District: This highly regarded district operates several elementary, middle, and high schools in the area, offering a wide range of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and support services.
  • Adams County Christian School: This private, faith-based school provides a well-rounded education from preschool through high school, emphasizing academic excellence, spiritual growth, and community involvement.

In terms of healthcare, residents have access to a network of medical facilities and services. These include:

Healthcare Facilities

  • WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital: This state-of-the-art hospital offers a full range of medical and surgical services, including emergency care, cardiology, orthopedics, and oncology.
  • UPMC Pinnacle Gettysburg: This medical center provides primary and specialty care, including family medicine, pediatrics, and geriatrics.

Additionally, there are numerous clinics, pharmacies, and urgent care centers in the area, ensuring convenient access to healthcare services for residents.

Community Involvement and Local Governance

Gettysburg Village Drive fosters a strong sense of community involvement and engagement. Residents actively participate in various local organizations and initiatives, contributing to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Local Organizations and Volunteer Opportunities

Gettysburg Village Drive boasts an array of local organizations that provide opportunities for residents to connect, engage, and give back to the community. These include:

  • Gettysburg Village Homeowners Association (GHA): A resident-led organization that promotes community engagement, organizes events, and advocates for neighborhood interests.
  • Gettysburg Village Beautification Committee: Volunteers work to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood through landscaping, beautification projects, and community clean-ups.
  • Gettysburg Village Block Watch: A neighborhood watch program that fosters safety and security by encouraging residents to report suspicious activities and look out for one another.

Closing Summary

As we conclude our exploration of 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive, it is evident that this neighborhood embodies the perfect blend of history, community, and modern-day living. Its strong real estate market, exceptional amenities, and engaged residents make it an ideal place to call home.

Whether you are a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a vibrant and welcoming community, 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive has something to offer everyone.

Quick FAQs: 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive

What is the median home price in 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive?

The median home price in 1863 Gettysburg Village Drive is approximately $350,000.

What are the top-rated schools in the area?

The top-rated schools in the area include Gettysburg Area High School, Gettysburg Middle School, and Lincoln Elementary School.

What are the popular attractions nearby?

Popular attractions nearby include Gettysburg National Military Park, Eisenhower National Historic Site, and the Gettysburg Heritage Center.