Crown Point Gun Show: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

The Crown Point Gun Show stands as a prominent event in the firearms community, offering a comprehensive showcase of firearms, accessories, and related gear. This annual gathering attracts enthusiasts from far and wide, providing a platform for buying, selling, and exchanging all things firearms-related.

With a rich history and a commitment to safety, the Crown Point Gun Show has become a trusted destination for gun owners and collectors alike. Attendees can expect to find a wide range of products, including new and used firearms, ammunition, optics, and accessories, ensuring something for every taste and budget.

Crown Point Gun Show Overview

Crown Point Gun Show: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

The Crown Point Gun Show is a renowned firearms exhibition held annually in Crown Point, Indiana. Established in the early 1990s, the show has become a significant event in the firearms community, attracting thousands of attendees each year.

The Crown Point Gun Show is renowned for its extensive selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Attendees can browse a vast array of new and used guns, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and antique firearms. The show also features a wide variety of ammunition, reloading supplies, and firearm accessories, such as optics, holsters, and cleaning kits.

Types of Firearms Available

The Crown Point Gun Show offers a comprehensive range of firearms, catering to various shooting disciplines and preferences. Attendees can find a diverse selection of handguns, including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, and derringers. The show also showcases a wide array of rifles, from traditional bolt-action hunting rifles to modern sporting rifles and tactical carbines.

Additionally, shotguns of various types, including over-under, semi-automatic, and pump-action shotguns, are well-represented at the show.

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Ammunition and Accessories

In addition to firearms, the Crown Point Gun Show features a vast selection of ammunition and accessories. Attendees can purchase a wide range of calibers and types of ammunition, including target loads, hunting rounds, and self-defense ammunition. The show also offers a variety of reloading supplies, such as primers, powder, and brass casings, allowing attendees to create their own ammunition.

Firearm accessories are also prominently featured at the Crown Point Gun Show. Attendees can find a wide range of optics, including rifle scopes, red dot sights, and laser sights. Holsters, slings, and cleaning kits are also available in abundance, providing attendees with everything they need to safely and effectively use their firearms.

Gun Show Safety and Regulations

Crown point gun show

The Crown Point Gun Show prioritizes safety and strictly adheres to established protocols and regulations to ensure a secure environment for attendees. These measures are crucial to promote responsible gun handling and prevent any potential incidents.

Background Checks and Licensing

All firearm purchases at the show are subject to thorough background checks conducted by licensed dealers. These checks verify the eligibility of buyers to own and possess firearms according to federal and state laws. Additionally, Indiana state law requires a valid Indiana Handgun Permit or a valid permit from another state that recognizes Indiana permits for the purchase of handguns.

Secure Storage and Handling

Firearms must be unloaded and secured in a case or holster at all times within the show premises. Attendees are prohibited from handling or displaying firearms outside designated areas. Show organizers provide secure storage facilities for firearms not actively being examined or purchased.

Law Enforcement Presence

Law enforcement officers are present throughout the show to ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain order. They are authorized to enforce all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to firearm possession and handling.

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Responsible Gun Ownership

The Crown Point Gun Show actively promotes responsible gun ownership and education. Attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with firearm safety practices and legal requirements before attending the show. Educational materials and resources are available on-site to provide guidance on safe gun handling and storage.

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Vendors and Exhibitors

Crown point gun show

The Crown Point Gun Show attracts a diverse range of vendors and exhibitors, showcasing a wide selection of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and related gear.

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Attendees can browse and purchase from reputable dealers offering new and used firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and collectible weapons. Ammunition of various calibers and types is also readily available, along with a vast array of accessories such as scopes, optics, holsters, and cleaning supplies.


  • Handguns (pistols, revolvers)
  • Rifles (semi-automatic, bolt-action, lever-action)
  • Shotguns (pump-action, semi-automatic, over/under)
  • Collectible and antique firearms


  • Centerfire and rimfire ammunition
  • Various calibers and bullet types
  • Reloading supplies and components


  • Scopes and optics
  • Holsters and carrying cases
  • Cleaning supplies and maintenance tools
  • Tactical gear and accessories

Latest Trends and Innovations

The Crown Point Gun Show provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the firearms industry. Attendees can explore cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced optics, firearm customization options, and personal defense equipment.

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Special Events and Attractions

Crown point gun show

The Crown Point Gun Show hosts a range of special events and attractions to enhance the experience for attendees. These include:

Gunsmithing Demonstrations

Experienced gunsmiths will provide live demonstrations of their craft, showcasing their skills in firearm repair, maintenance, and customization. Attendees can observe the techniques used by professionals and gain valuable insights into firearm maintenance.

Firearm Safety Presentations

Certified firearms instructors will conduct presentations on firearm safety, emphasizing responsible handling, storage, and usage. These presentations aim to educate attendees about safe firearm practices and promote responsible gun ownership.

Historical Exhibits

The show features exhibits showcasing historical firearms and artifacts. Attendees can explore the evolution of firearms, from antique pieces to modern designs, and gain a deeper understanding of the historical significance of firearms.

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Shooting Competitions

For those interested in testing their marksmanship skills, the show offers shooting competitions. Participants can compete in various shooting disciplines, such as target shooting, pistol shooting, and rifle shooting, for prizes and recognition.

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Raffles and Giveaways

The Crown Point Gun Show hosts raffles and giveaways throughout the event. Attendees can participate for a chance to win valuable prizes, including firearms, accessories, and gift certificates from participating vendors.

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Planning Your Visit: Crown Point Gun Show

Crown point gun show

To ensure a successful and enjoyable experience at the Crown Point Gun Show, meticulous planning is essential. Consider these practical tips and advice to maximize your visit.

Admission fees vary depending on the day and time of your visit. Advance ticket purchases are available online for added convenience. Ample parking is provided, but it’s recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather conditions.

Insider Tips for Efficient Navigation, Crown point gun show

  • Familiarize yourself with the show floor plan beforehand to identify vendors and attractions of interest.
  • Start your exploration from the perimeter and gradually move inward to avoid crowds.
  • Utilize the designated rest areas and refreshment stands to take breaks and recharge.
  • Bring a small backpack or bag to carry your purchases and other essentials.


Crown point gun show

Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a first-time visitor, the Crown Point Gun Show offers an immersive experience that caters to all interests. From browsing the latest innovations to engaging with knowledgeable vendors, there’s something for everyone at this must-attend event.

Top FAQs

What are the admission fees for the Crown Point Gun Show?

Admission fees vary depending on the day and time of attendance. Please check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any special events or attractions at the show?

Yes, the show often features special events such as firearm demonstrations, raffles, and educational seminars.

What are the safety regulations at the Crown Point Gun Show?

The show strictly enforces all applicable safety regulations, including background checks and proper handling of firearms. Attendees are required to follow all safety protocols for their own safety and the safety of others.