Econo Foods Weekly Ad: Unbeatable Savings, Flavorful Choices

Dive into the delectable world of Econo Foods Weekly Ad, where budget-friendly prices meet tantalizing flavors. From exclusive sales to mouthwatering recipes, this ad is your ultimate guide to saving money and satisfying your culinary cravings.

Get ready to explore a treasure trove of products, promotions, and more, all designed to make your grocery shopping experience a delightful adventure.

Product Listings and Pricing

This week’s Econo Foods ad features a wide variety of products at unbeatable prices. From fresh produce to pantry staples, there’s something for everyone. Check out the table below for a detailed list of all the products featured in the ad, along with their prices and any applicable discounts or promotions.

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Econo Foods is committed to providing its customers with the best possible value, and this week’s ad is no exception. With so many great deals to choose from, you’re sure to find everything you need to stock up your pantry and save money at the same time.


Product Price
Apples $1.99/lb
Bananas $0.49/lb
Oranges $0.99/lb
Grapes $1.99/lb
Strawberries $2.99/lb
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Pantry Staples

Product Price
Bread $1.99/loaf
Milk $2.99/gallon
Eggs $1.99/dozen
Cereal $2.99/box
Pasta $1.99/bag

Meat and Seafood

Product Price
Chicken breasts $2.99/lb
Ground beef $3.99/lb
Pork chops $4.99/lb
Salmon $7.99/lb
Shrimp $5.99/lb

Snacks and Beverages

Product Price
Chips $1.99/bag
Soda $0.99/2-liter bottle
Juice $2.99/gallon
Candy $1.99/bag
Ice cream $2.99/gallon

Sales and Promotions

Take advantage of incredible savings this week at Econo Foods with our exclusive sales and promotions. Maximize your savings with these fantastic offers.

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All promotions are valid for a limited time only, so act quickly to avoid disappointment. Some exclusions may apply; please refer to store signage for details.

Weekly Savings

  • Save 20% on all fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Buy one, get one free on all frozen pizzas.
  • Get 10% off all meat and seafood.
  • Enjoy 15% off all dairy products, including milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Special Offers

  • Receive a free gift card worth $5 with every $50 spent on groceries.
  • Join our loyalty program and earn points towards exclusive discounts and rewards.

Featured Items and Recipes

Econo Foods is excited to present a range of featured items and delectable recipes in this week’s ad. From mouthwatering entrees to sweet treats, there’s something for every palate and occasion.

Our team of culinary experts has carefully curated a selection of the finest ingredients and freshest produce to bring you a symphony of flavors. Whether you’re looking to impress your dinner guests or simply enjoy a cozy meal at home, Econo Foods has got you covered.

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Featured Items

  • Prime Rib Roast:Indulge in the succulent tenderness of our premium prime rib roast, perfect for special occasions or a luxurious Sunday dinner.
  • Wild-Caught Salmon:Experience the pristine flavors of the ocean with our wild-caught salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and ideal for grilling, baking, or pan-searing.
  • Organic Berries:Savor the vibrant sweetness of our organic berries, bursting with antioxidants and perfect for smoothies, salads, or simply enjoying as a healthy snack.

Featured Recipes

  • Creamy Pesto Pasta:Delight your taste buds with our creamy pesto pasta, featuring a symphony of fresh basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese tossed with tender pasta.
  • Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken:Impress your guests with our succulent grilled lemon-herb chicken, marinated in a tantalizing blend of lemon, herbs, and olive oil.
  • No-Bake Cheesecake:Treat yourself to the irresistible indulgence of our no-bake cheesecake, featuring a creamy filling on a graham cracker crust.

Store Information and Contact Details: Econo Foods Weekly Ad

Easily find our store and get in touch with us for any inquiries or assistance.

Store Address

Visit us at [store address], conveniently located for your shopping needs.

Contact Information, Econo foods weekly ad

  • Phone: [phone number]
  • Email: [email address]

Store Hours

Our store is open during the following hours:

  • Monday – Friday: [hours]
  • Saturday: [hours]
  • Sunday: [hours]

Online Ordering and Website

For your convenience, you can also order online through our website at [website address].

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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Econo Foods takes pride in providing excellent products and services to its customers. To showcase the store’s commitment to customer satisfaction, here are some positive testimonials and reviews that highlight the quality of its offerings.

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These testimonials demonstrate the store’s dedication to meeting customer needs and providing a positive shopping experience.

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Positive Testimonials

  • “I’ve been shopping at Econo Foods for years, and I’m always impressed with the quality of their products. The produce is always fresh, and the meat is top-notch. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for great food at affordable prices.”
  • “The staff at Econo Foods is always so helpful and friendly. They go above and beyond to make sure I find everything I need. I really appreciate their excellent customer service.”
  • “I love the weekly ad from Econo Foods. It’s a great way to save money on my groceries. I always find great deals on everything from produce to dairy to meat. Thanks, Econo Foods!”


Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cooking enthusiast, Econo Foods Weekly Ad has something to offer everyone. Its commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every page, making it your go-to source for affordable and delicious meals.

FAQ Section

Where can I find the Econo Foods Weekly Ad?

You can access the Econo Foods Weekly Ad online on the store’s website or through their mobile app.

How often is the Econo Foods Weekly Ad updated?

The Econo Foods Weekly Ad is typically updated every Wednesday.

Can I use coupons from the Econo Foods Weekly Ad at any Econo Foods store?

Yes, coupons from the Econo Foods Weekly Ad are valid at all Econo Foods locations.