Discover the Enchanting Journey from Portland to Salt Lake City: A Tale of Scenic Wonders and Unforgettable Experiences

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as we traverse the captivating landscapes that connect Portland to Salt Lake City. This epic journey unfolds a tapestry of breathtaking vistas, cultural gems, and unique experiences that will leave an enduring mark on your soul.

From the vibrant streets of Portland to the majestic mountains of Utah, each mile of this odyssey promises a symphony of natural wonders and cultural delights, creating an unforgettable narrative that will captivate your senses and inspire your spirit.

Distance and Travel Options

Portland to salt lake city

Embark on an adventurous journey spanning approximately 720 miles (1,158 kilometers) between the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, and the captivating metropolis of Salt Lake City, Utah. Travelers have a plethora of transportation options to choose from, each offering a unique experience and estimated travel time:


Embark on a scenic road trip, immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes along the way. The drive typically takes between 11 and 13 hours, depending on traffic and stops. Rent a car or hop in your own vehicle and savor the freedom of the open road.


Soar through the skies and arrive in Salt Lake City in a matter of hours. Multiple airlines offer direct flights from Portland International Airport (PDX) to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), with a flight time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Immerse yourself in the romance of rail travel aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train. This iconic route traverses the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, offering panoramic views of mountains, forests, and the Pacific Ocean. The journey takes approximately 18 hours, providing ample time to relax and soak in the scenery.


Experience a budget-friendly option with bus services connecting Portland and Salt Lake City. The journey typically takes between 15 and 18 hours, offering a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.

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Scenic Routes and Attractions

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey from the verdant metropolis of Portland to the vibrant heart of Salt Lake City, where nature’s wonders unfold along the way.Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Columbia River Gorge, where towering waterfalls cascade into serene pools, and sheer cliffs rise majestically.

Explore the ancient wonders of Crater Lake National Park, home to the deepest lake in the United States, renowned for its vibrant blue waters and volcanic origins.

Columbia River Gorge

  • Marvel at Multnomah Falls, the crown jewel of the gorge, cascading over 600 feet in a mesmerizing two-tiered spectacle.
  • Discover hidden gems like Horsetail Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Wahkeena Falls, each offering a unique perspective on the gorge’s grandeur.
  • Embark on a scenic drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway, winding through towering basalt cliffs and offering panoramic vistas.

Crater Lake National Park

  • Witness the ethereal beauty of Crater Lake, a vibrant sapphire gem nestled within the caldera of an extinct volcano.
  • Hike along the Rim Drive, a 33-mile loop offering breathtaking views of the lake and its surrounding volcanic landscape.
  • Explore Phantom Ship Island, a mysterious volcanic rock formation rising from the lake’s depths, evoking images of a ghostly galleon.

Accommodation and Dining Options

Planning a road trip from Portland to Salt Lake City requires careful consideration of accommodation and dining options. Along this scenic route, travelers will find a diverse range of hotels, motels, restaurants, and eateries to suit every taste and budget.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a city hotel or the tranquility of a countryside motel, there are numerous options to choose from in both Portland and Salt Lake City. Many of these establishments offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and fitness centers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Hotels and Motels

  • Portland:The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, River’s Edge Hotel & Spa, The Hoxton, Portland
  • Salt Lake City:Grand America Hotel, Little America Hotel, The Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown at City Creek

Restaurants and Eateries

The route from Portland to Salt Lake City is dotted with an array of culinary delights. From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, there is something to satisfy every palate.

  • Portland:Pok Pok, Lechon, Kachka
  • Salt Lake City:Red Iguana, Blue Lemon, Pago

Camping and RV Parks

For those seeking an immersive outdoor experience, camping and RV parks are available along the route. These facilities offer a range of amenities, including hookups for RVs, restrooms, and showers, providing a comfortable and convenient base for exploring the surrounding natural beauty.

  • Portland:Mt. Hood RV Resort, Sandy River RV Park, Hood River RV Park
  • Salt Lake City:Salt Lake City KOA Journey, Jordan River RV Park, Antelope Island State Park Campground

Activities and Experiences

Portland and Salt Lake City offer a plethora of activities and experiences that cater to diverse interests. From outdoor adventures to cultural immersion, there’s something for every traveler to discover.

The region boasts breathtaking natural landscapes that invite exploration. Whether you’re an avid hiker, cyclist, or angler, you’ll find ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness.

Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking:Explore the scenic trails of Mount Hood National Forest, Columbia River Gorge, or Zion National Park, marveling at towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests.
  • Biking:Cycle along the Willamette River Trail, Bonneville Shoreline Trail, or Moab’s Slickrock Trail, enjoying panoramic views and challenging terrain.
  • Fishing:Cast your line in the Columbia River, Lake Powell, or Bear Lake, hoping to catch salmon, trout, or bass amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Cultural Attractions

  • Museums:Visit the Portland Art Museum, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, or Natural History Museum of Utah to delve into art, history, and science.
  • Historical Sites:Explore the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Brigham Young Historical Park, or Temple Square to learn about the region’s rich past.
  • Live Performances:Attend a symphony concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, a ballet performance at the Capitol Theatre, or a Broadway show at the Eccles Theater.

Unique Experiences

  • Portland Rose Festival:Immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration of roses, parades, and fireworks during this annual festival in June.
  • Bonneville Salt Flats:Experience the surreal expanse of this vast salt plain, where land speed records have been broken and otherworldly photos can be captured.
  • Temple Square:Visit the iconic Salt Lake Temple, a symbol of the Mormon faith, and explore the surrounding historic buildings and gardens.

Travel Tips and Recommendations

Planning a road trip from Portland to Salt Lake City requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and memorable journey.


Estimate expenses for gas, accommodation, food, and activities. Consider fuel efficiency and gas prices along the route. Look for budget-friendly accommodation options like motels or Airbnb. Pack snacks and meals to save on dining costs.


Pack light and leave room for souvenirs. Include comfortable clothing, layers for changing weather, and appropriate footwear for hiking or exploring. Consider a first-aid kit, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Finding Discounts, Portland to salt lake city

Research online travel agencies, travel apps, and membership programs for discounts on accommodation, attractions, and activities. Sign up for email alerts and loyalty programs to receive exclusive offers.

Best Time to Travel

For optimal weather, plan your trip during spring (April-May) or fall (September-October). These seasons offer pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds. Summer (June-August) can be hot and busy, while winter (November-March) brings snow and potential road closures.

Closing Notes

As you reach your destination, Salt Lake City, you will carry with you a treasure trove of memories that will forever evoke the magic of this extraordinary journey. From the rugged beauty of the Columbia River Gorge to the serene shores of the Great Salt Lake, this adventure has been a testament to the transformative power of exploration and the boundless wonders that await those who dare to venture beyond the familiar.

Question Bank: Portland To Salt Lake City

How long does it take to drive from Portland to Salt Lake City?

The driving distance between Portland and Salt Lake City is approximately 640 miles, which typically takes around 10-12 hours of driving time.

What are the most popular attractions along the route?

Some of the most popular attractions along the route include the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, Crater Lake National Park, Craters of the Moon National Monument, and the Great Salt Lake.

Where can I find affordable accommodation along the way?

There are several budget-friendly accommodation options along the route, such as motels, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds. Consider booking in advance, especially during peak season.