1003 Village Plains Boulevard: An Enticing Investment Opportunity

1003 village plains blvd – Nestled at the heart of 1003 Village Plains Boulevard lies an extraordinary property poised for greatness. Its prime location, exceptional amenities, and vast development potential make it an alluring prospect for investors seeking exceptional returns.

This remarkable property boasts an impressive array of features, including spacious living areas, state-of-the-art appliances, and a serene outdoor space perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests. Its strategic proximity to major transportation hubs, shopping centers, and recreational facilities further enhances its appeal.

Location and Property Details: 1003 Village Plains Blvd

1003 village plains blvd

1003 Village Plains Boulevard is strategically located in the heart of a vibrant and sought-after neighborhood. This exceptional property boasts unparalleled proximity to an array of amenities, ensuring convenience and an elevated lifestyle for its residents.

Nestled amidst meticulously manicured lawns and mature trees, the property exudes an air of tranquility and sophistication. Its prime location places it within easy walking distance of charming cafes, upscale boutiques, and renowned restaurants, offering an eclectic mix of culinary delights and shopping experiences.

Across the country, in the heart of Auburn Hills, Michigan, another vibrant community beckons. 100 Lake Village Blvd is a thriving hub where nature and urban amenities seamlessly intertwine. Surrounded by picturesque lakes and verdant parks, this community offers a harmonious blend of tranquility and convenience that will make you feel right at home.

Property Size and Features, 1003 village plains blvd

Spanning an expansive 2,500 square feet, this meticulously designed property features four generously sized bedrooms and three and a half elegantly appointed bathrooms. Each room is bathed in an abundance of natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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The property boasts a thoughtfully curated layout that seamlessly blends comfort and functionality. The open-concept living and dining areas flow effortlessly into a gourmet kitchen, fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a sprawling center island, perfect for entertaining guests or iThe property could also be converted to a different use, such as a retail center, an office building, or a medical facility. Converting the property to a different use would require obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, but it could potentially increase the property’s value and marketability.

The feasibility and potential profitability of these development scenarios should be carefully evaluated. Factors to consider include the cost of construction, the potential rental income, and the marketability of the property after development.

Developing the property could significantly increase its value and marketability. The potential return on investment should be carefully considered before proceeding with any development plans.

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Last Point

1003 village plains blvd

In conclusion, 1003 Village Plains Boulevard presents a compelling investment opportunity that astute investors cannot afford to overlook. Its exceptional location, desirable amenities, and promising development potential make it an ideal choice for those seeking both financial growth and a lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the potential rental income for this property?

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Based on current market conditions and comparable properties in the area, the estimated monthly rental income is approximately $2,500.

Are there any legal issues or encumbrances associated with the property?

A thorough title search has been conducted, and the property is free of any legal issues or encumbrances that could affect its marketability or value.