Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17: Your Gateway to Cinematic Enchantment

Step into the realm of cinematic magic at Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17, where every movie experience unfolds as an unforgettable adventure. With state-of-the-art amenities, a diverse lineup of blockbusters and independent films, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this theatre is your ultimate destination for cinematic escapades.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of this modern theatre, where plush seating, crystal-clear screens, and cutting-edge sound systems elevate every viewing experience to new heights.

Theatre Overview

Nestled in the vibrant city of Miami Lakes, Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 stands as a premier entertainment destination. This state-of-the-art theatre complex offers an unparalleled cinematic experience, complete with an array of amenities and services designed to elevate your movie-going journey.

Step into the opulent lobby and immerse yourself in a world of cinematic delight. The spacious lounge areas invite you to unwind before or after your film, while the friendly staff is always on hand to assist with any needs.

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Seating and Screens

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 boasts an impressive 17 auditoriums, each meticulously designed to provide optimal comfort and visual enjoyment. The plush, reclining seats cradle you in luxury, while the stadium-style seating ensures unobstructed views of the silver screen. The theatre features a variety of screen sizes, including colossal screens that transport you into the heart of the action.

Theatre Promotions and Events

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 is dedicated to providing its patrons with a memorable movie-going experience. Beyond the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, the theatre offers an array of promotions and events to enhance your entertainment journey.

Throughout the year, Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 hosts exclusive screenings, movie premieres, and film festivals. These events bring the latest cinematic masterpieces to the big screen, allowing you to witness the magic of cinema in its purest form.

Special Promotions and Discounts

  • Matinee Showings:Experience the movies at a discounted price during the early afternoon showtimes.
  • Senior Discounts:Patrons aged 60 and above enjoy discounted ticket prices.
  • Military Discounts:Active and retired military personnel receive special pricing on tickets.
  • Loyalty Program:Join Cobb Theatres’ loyalty program to earn points towards free tickets, concessions, and exclusive rewards.

Upcoming Events and Screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming events and screenings at Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17. Check the theatre’s website or social media pages for the latest information on:

  • Movie Premieres:Witness the highly anticipated releases of the latest blockbusters and independent films.
  • Film Festivals:Immerse yourself in the world of cinema with screenings of award-winning and critically acclaimed films.
  • Special Screenings:Attend exclusive events such as sing-alongs, midnight screenings, and classic movie showings.

Loyalty Program and Membership Benefits

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 offers a loyalty program that rewards its patrons for their continued patronage. Members enjoy:

  • Free Tickets:Earn points towards free movie tickets.
  • Discounted Concessions:Save on popcorn, drinks, and other concessions.
  • Exclusive Rewards:Receive special promotions, early access to tickets, and other exclusive benefits.
  • Birthday Surprises:Celebrate your birthday with a special treat from Cobb Theatres.

Food and Beverage Options

Cobb theatres miami lakes 17

Indulge in a delectable array of culinary treats while immersing yourself in the cinematic experience at Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17. Our concession stand offers a tantalizing selection of classic movie snacks and tantalizing gourmet delights to satisfy every craving.

Our menu boasts a symphony of flavors, from the buttery crunch of popcorn to the savory zest of hot dogs. Quench your thirst with refreshing beverages, including sodas, juices, and sparkling water. For those seeking a sweet escape, we offer a tempting array of candy, including classic favorites and international delights.

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Gourmet Delights

Elevate your movie night with our gourmet offerings. Savor the juicy perfection of our burgers, each patty grilled to your liking. Dive into the cheesy goodness of our pizzas, made with a crispy crust and a generous topping of mozzarella.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our freshly baked cookies, oozing with chocolate chips or gooey caramel.

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Special Dietary Accommodations

We understand that every moviegoer deserves to enjoy a delectable experience. That’s why we offer a range of special dietary accommodations. For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, we have gluten-free popcorn, dairy-free candy, and a selection of vegan snacks.

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Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect treats to complement your movie night.

Theatre Accessibility and Amenities: Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all patrons. The theatre features a variety of accessibility features to ensure that guests with disabilities can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable movie-going experience.

Wheelchair Access

The theatre is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators providing access to all levels of the building. Wheelchair seating is available in all auditoriums, and assistive listening devices are available upon request.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our guests is our top priority. The theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including metal detectors and security cameras. A team of trained security personnel is on duty at all times to ensure the safety of our guests.

Parking and Public Transportation, Cobb theatres miami lakes 17

Ample free parking is available for guests at the theatre. The theatre is also conveniently located near public transportation, with bus stops within walking distance.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic night out, a thrilling family outing, or a solo escape into the world of cinema, Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 promises an experience that will leave you captivated and craving more. With its unwavering commitment to entertainment and customer satisfaction, this theatre is your passport to a world of cinematic wonders.

Detailed FAQs

Where is Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 located?

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 is conveniently located in the heart of Miami Lakes at 15151 NW 87th Avenue.

What amenities does Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 offer?

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 boasts a range of amenities to enhance your movie-going experience, including plush seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, crystal-clear screens, and a well-stocked concession stand.

What types of movies does Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 show?

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 showcases a diverse lineup of films, from blockbuster hits to independent gems and everything in between.