Dazzle Nails & Spa: A Haven for Pampering and Indulgence

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Nestled amidst bustling streets or tranquil neighborhoods, Dazzle Nails & Spa emerges as an oasis of tranquility, where skilled technicians and a welcoming ambiance converge to create an unforgettable pampering experience.

Dazzle Nails & Spa Services

Dazzle nails & spa

Dazzle Nails & Spa offers a wide range of nail care services to meet all your needs. From classic manicures and pedicures to intricate nail enhancements and rejuvenating treatments, our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service in a relaxing and luxurious environment.

Our comprehensive menu of services includes:


  • Classic Manicure:Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, and a relaxing hand massage. Starting at $20.
  • Deluxe Manicure:Includes all the services of a classic manicure, plus a paraffin wax treatment and a hot stone massage. Starting at $30.
  • Gel Manicure:Long-lasting gel polish that provides a chip-free, high-gloss finish. Starting at $35.
  • French Manicure:A classic and elegant look with white tips and a nude base. Starting at $25.


  • Classic Pedicure:Includes foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, and a relaxing foot massage. Starting at $25.
  • Deluxe Pedicure:Includes all the services of a classic pedicure, plus a paraffin wax treatment and a hot stone massage. Starting at $35.
  • Gel Pedicure:Long-lasting gel polish that provides a chip-free, high-gloss finish. Starting at $40.
  • French Pedicure:A classic and elegant look with white tips and a nude base. Starting at $30.

Nail Enhancements

  • Acrylic Nails:Durable and long-lasting, acrylic nails can be customized to any length or shape. Starting at $45.
  • Gel Nails:A hybrid between acrylic and gel, gel nails offer a more natural look and feel. Starting at $50.
  • Dip Powder Nails:A no-chip, long-lasting option that is gentle on natural nails. Starting at $40.
  • Nail Art:Add a touch of creativity to your nails with our wide range of nail art designs. Prices vary depending on complexity.
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Other Treatments

  • Paraffin Wax Treatment:A deeply moisturizing treatment that leaves your hands and feet feeling soft and smooth. Starting at $10.
  • Hot Stone Massage:A relaxing massage that uses warm stones to relieve tension and promote circulation. Starting at $15.
  • Cuticle Care:Keep your cuticles healthy and tidy with our expert cuticle care services. Starting at $5.

Dazzle Nails & Spa Products

Dazzle nails & spa

Indulge in the finest nail care products at Dazzle Nails & Spa, where we prioritize the health and beauty of your nails. Our curated selection of brands and products is meticulously chosen to cater to all your nail care needs, ensuring exceptional results and unparalleled satisfaction.

From nourishing treatments to vibrant polishes, we offer a comprehensive range of products that cater to every aspect of nail care. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing expert recommendations, guiding you towards the perfect products for your unique needs.

Brands, Dazzle nails & spa

  • OPI:Renowned for its iconic nail lacquers and long-lasting formulas, OPI is a trusted choice among nail professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • CND:A leader in nail care innovation, CND offers a wide range of products, including the award-winning Shellac system, known for its durability and chip-resistance.
  • Essie:Beloved for its trendy shades and high-quality formulas, Essie provides a diverse collection of nail polishes that cater to every style and preference.
  • Cuccio:Specializing in natural nail care, Cuccio offers a range of products that promote nail health and well-being.


Nail Lacquers

  • OPI GelColor:A long-lasting gel polish that provides up to two weeks of vibrant color and shine.
  • CND Shellac:A hybrid polish that combines the durability of gel with the ease of application of traditional polish.
  • Essie Nail Polish:A wide range of shades and finishes to complement any style or occasion.

Nail Treatments

  • Cuccio Revitalizing Cuticle Oil:A nourishing blend of oils that moisturizes and strengthens cuticles.
  • CND SolarOil:A lightweight oil that protects and conditions nails, promoting healthy growth.
  • OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil:A luxurious oil that deeply hydrates and rejuvenates nails and cuticles.
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Nail Tools

  • CND LED Lamp:A high-performance lamp for curing gel polishes, ensuring a long-lasting finish.
  • OPI Nail File:A professional-grade file that shapes and smooths nails with precision.
  • Essie Nail Clippers:Durable and sharp clippers that effortlessly trim nails to desired length and shape.

Dazzle Nails & Spa Ambiance and Atmosphere

Dazzle nails & spa

Step into Dazzle Nails & Spa and immerse yourself in an oasis of luxury and relaxation. The ambiance is meticulously crafted to transport you to a haven of tranquility, where every detail is designed to enhance your experience.

The d├ęcor exudes elegance with soft, neutral tones that create a calming backdrop. Plush seating and ambient lighting invite you to unwind and let your worries melt away. The air is infused with a delicate fragrance, adding a touch of serenity to the atmosphere.

Music and Sounds

The soundtrack at Dazzle Nails & Spa is a symphony of soothing melodies and gentle rhythms. Soft instrumental music plays in the background, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The gentle hum of nail files and the soft chatter of clients add a subtle ambiance, fostering a sense of community and relaxation.


The lighting at Dazzle Nails & Spa is designed to enhance the ambiance and create a flattering environment. Soft, diffused lighting illuminates the space, casting a warm glow that flatters every skin tone. Adjustable lamps at each station allow for optimal lighting for precise nail treatments.

Overall Vibe

The overall vibe at Dazzle Nails & Spa is one of luxury, relaxation, and pampering. The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that every guest feels valued and cared for. The atmosphere is both inviting and professional, creating a space where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in a moment of self-care.

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Dazzle Nails & Spa Special Promotions and Events

Dazzle nails & spa

Indulge in exclusive offers and exciting events designed to enhance your spa experience at Dazzle Nails & Spa. Discover our loyalty programs and special promotions that will make your beauty journey even more rewarding.

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Stay tuned for upcoming events and exclusive promotions by following us on social media or visiting our website regularly. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences, and we strive to offer promotions that cater to your needs and desires.

Loyalty Program

Join our exclusive loyalty program and unlock a world of rewards. With every visit, you’ll earn points towards free services, exclusive discounts, and access to members-only events.

  • Earn points for every dollar spent on services and products.
  • Redeem points for complimentary services, including manicures, pedicures, and massages.
  • Receive exclusive discounts on products and services throughout the year.
  • Be the first to know about special events and promotions.

Special Promotions

We offer a variety of special promotions throughout the year to provide our clients with exceptional value and savings. Check our website or social media pages for the latest updates on our current promotions.

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  • Monthly Specials:Enjoy discounts on specific services or products each month.
  • Seasonal Promotions:Celebrate the changing seasons with special offers tailored to the time of year.
  • Holiday Promotions:Get ready for the holidays with exclusive promotions on gift cards and festive nail art designs.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for upcoming events at Dazzle Nails & Spa. From workshops to product launches, we host a variety of events to connect with our clients and share our passion for beauty and wellness.

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  • Nail Art Masterclass:Learn the latest nail art techniques from our experienced nail artists.
  • Product Launch Party:Be the first to try our newest products and services.
  • Wellness Retreat:Indulge in a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with a combination of spa treatments and wellness workshops.


Whether seeking a quick touch-up or a day of lavish indulgence, Dazzle Nails & Spa stands as a testament to the transformative power of self-care. Its commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction make it a destination that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and utterly dazzling.

Questions and Answers: Dazzle Nails & Spa

What sets Dazzle Nails & Spa apart from other salons?

Our highly trained technicians, meticulous attention to detail, and use of premium products ensure an unparalleled level of service and results.

Can I book appointments online?

Yes, our user-friendly website allows you to schedule appointments at your convenience.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be purchased online or at our spa.