Discover the Journey from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City: A Guide to Travel Options and Points of Interest

Embark on an adventure from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City, where diverse transportation options and captivating destinations await. Whether you seek scenic drives, convenient public transit, or the ease of air travel, this guide provides a comprehensive overview to plan your journey and make the most of your experience.

From exploring the natural wonders along the route to discovering historical landmarks and vibrant cities, this journey promises an unforgettable experience. Let us guide you through the various modes of transportation, highlight must-visit attractions, and offer practical tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Driving Distance and Route Options

Idaho falls to salt lake city

The journey from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City offers a scenic drive through diverse landscapes. With a distance of approximately 230 miles (370 kilometers), the travel time can vary depending on the chosen route and traffic conditions.

Multiple routes are available for this drive, each with its unique characteristics and estimated travel times:

Route 1: I-15 via Pocatello

  • Distance: Approximately 230 miles (370 kilometers)
  • Estimated travel time: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • This route follows Interstate 15, providing a direct and efficient connection between the two cities. It passes through Pocatello, Idaho, and offers convenient rest stops and gas stations along the way.

Route 2: US-91 via Malad City

  • Distance: Approximately 240 miles (386 kilometers)
  • Estimated travel time: 4 hours
  • This route takes a more scenic path, following US-91 through Malad City, Idaho. It offers stunning views of the Snake River Valley and provides opportunities to explore small towns along the way.

Route 3: US-20 via Ashton

  • Distance: Approximately 250 miles (402 kilometers)
  • Estimated travel time: 4 hours 30 minutes
  • This route follows US-20, passing through Ashton, Idaho. It offers a more mountainous drive with picturesque views of the Teton Range. However, it may experience heavier traffic during peak tourist seasons.

Public Transportation

Public transportation offers a convenient and affordable way to travel between Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. Several options are available, including buses and trains. Each mode of transportation has its own schedules, fares, and amenities.


Several bus companies operate between Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City, including Greyhound and FlixBus. Buses are typically the most affordable option, with fares starting around $20. The journey takes approximately 5-6 hours, and buses depart multiple times per day.

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Amtrak operates the California Zephyr train, which stops in both Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. The train ride is more comfortable than a bus but also more expensive, with fares starting around $50. The journey takes approximately 6-7 hours, and trains depart once per day.

Air Travel

Flying is the quickest and most convenient way to travel between Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. There are multiple airlines offering direct flights, providing passengers with flexible schedules and competitive fares.

Airlines and Flight Schedules

  • Delta Air Lines: Offers multiple daily flights with a flight time of approximately 50 minutes.
  • United Airlines: Provides several daily flights with a flight time of around 45 minutes.

Ticket Prices and Baggage Policies

Ticket prices vary depending on the time of year, day of the week, and availability. Generally, round-trip tickets can range from $150 to $300. Both Delta and United allow one free checked bag per passenger.

Convenience and Advantages

  • Time-saving:Flying is the fastest way to travel between the two cities, taking less than an hour.
  • Convenience:Airports are located near city centers, making it easy to connect to other transportation options.
  • Frequent flights:Multiple airlines offer numerous daily flights, providing flexibility in scheduling.

Things to Consider for the Trip

Planning a trip from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. From weather conditions to traffic patterns and road closures, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared for potential challenges along the way.

Additionally, finding affordable accommodations and dining options can help keep your travel expenses within budget.

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Weather Conditions

The weather along the route can vary significantly depending on the time of year. During the summer months, temperatures can reach highs in the 90s Fahrenheit, so it’s important to stay hydrated and seek shade when necessary. In the winter, snow and ice can create hazardous driving conditions, so checking the weather forecast and road conditions before出發is crucial.

Traffic Patterns, Idaho falls to salt lake city

Traffic patterns on the route can be heavy during peak hours, especially around major cities like Pocatello and Ogden. To avoid delays, consider traveling during off-peak hours or on weekends. Additionally, be aware of potential road closures due to construction or accidents, and adjust your route accordingly.

Affordable Accommodations and Dining Options

Finding affordable accommodations and dining options along the route can help you save money without sacrificing comfort. Look for motels or budget-friendly hotels in smaller towns along the way. For dining, consider local diners or family-owned restaurants that offer home-cooked meals at reasonable prices.

Points of Interest

Along the scenic drive from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City, discover an array of captivating destinations that offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history, natural wonders, and cultural heritage.

Immerse yourself in the stories of the past at historic sites, marvel at geological marvels, and engage with vibrant communities. Each point of interest along the route promises a unique and enriching experience.

Historical Sites

  • Bonneville Salt Flats:Witness the legendary expanse of salt flats, a natural phenomenon known for its record-breaking land speed races and otherworldly landscapes. Explore more
  • Martin’s Cove:Step into the footsteps of Mormon pioneers at this historic site, where the Martin Handcart Company faced treacherous conditions during their westward journey. Learn more
  • Bear Lake State Park:Discover the pristine shores of Bear Lake, a natural wonder nestled between Utah and Idaho. Immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, hike scenic trails, and explore the surrounding landscapes. Explore more

Natural Wonders

  • Shoshone Falls:Marvel at the cascading waters of Shoshone Falls, known as the “Niagara of the West.” Admire its grandeur from various viewpoints and capture breathtaking photos. Explore more
  • American Falls Reservoir:Experience the tranquility of the American Falls Reservoir, a sprawling body of water surrounded by scenic vistas. Engage in water activities, relax on its shores, or simply soak up the natural beauty. Explore more
  • Craters of the Moon National Monument:Journey to another world at Craters of the Moon National Monument, a volcanic landscape featuring lava flows, cinder cones, and otherworldly formations. Explore its unique geology and capture stunning images. Explore more

Cultural Heritage

  • Idaho Potato Museum:Delve into the history of Idaho’s famous crop at the Idaho Potato Museum. Learn about the industry’s significance, see antique farming equipment, and indulge in potato-themed treats. Explore more
  • Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square:Witness the world-renowned Tabernacle Choir in action at Temple Square, the spiritual heart of the Mormon faith. Attend a concert, marvel at the architecture, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural atmosphere. Explore more
  • Great Salt Lake:Discover the vastness of the Great Salt Lake, a unique ecosystem that supports a diverse range of wildlife. Observe migratory birds, explore its islands, and experience the buoyant waters firsthand. Explore more

Conclusion: Idaho Falls To Salt Lake City

As you embark on this journey from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City, embrace the diverse landscapes, rich history, and welcoming communities that await you. Whether you choose to drive, take public transit, or fly, the adventure lies in the exploration itself.

Let this guide be your trusted companion, empowering you to create lasting memories and discover the hidden gems that make this route truly extraordinary.

FAQ Section

How long does it take to drive from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City?

The driving distance is approximately 220 miles, with an estimated travel time of 3-4 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions.

What is the most scenic route between Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City?

The most scenic route is via US-91 and US-89, which offers stunning views of the Snake River Valley, Bear Lake, and the Wasatch Mountains.

Are there any direct flights from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City?

Yes, there are direct flights available from Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) with Delta Air Lines.