Discover the Transformative Journey at Lake Aurora Christian Camp

At the heart of Lake Aurora Christian Camp lies a transformative journey that awakens the spirit and empowers young hearts. Embark on an adventure where faith flourishes, friendships blossom, and the love of Christ shines brightly.

Lake Aurora Christian Camp is a sanctuary where children and teenagers connect with God, nature, and their true selves. Through a myriad of engaging activities, inspiring programs, and a dedicated staff, the camp creates an environment that fosters growth, resilience, and a deep love for the Lord.

Christian Camp Overview

Lake Aurora Christian Camp is a place where people of all ages can come to experience the love of Jesus Christ in a fun and supportive environment. Our mission is to provide a transformative experience that will help people grow in their faith, build relationships with others, and discover their God-given potential.

The camp was founded in 1947 by a group of Christian volunteers who wanted to create a place where people could come to learn about Jesus Christ and grow in their faith. Over the years, the camp has grown and changed, but our commitment to providing a transformative experience has remained the same.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of everything we do at Lake Aurora Christian Camp. They are:

  • Christ-centered:We believe that Jesus Christ is the center of our faith and that everything we do should be done in his name.
  • Biblical:We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that it is the foundation for our faith and practice.
  • Community:We believe that Christian community is essential for growth and discipleship.
  • Service:We believe that we are called to serve others and that we should use our gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

These core values are reflected in all of our programs and activities. We strive to create a Christ-centered environment where people can learn about Jesus Christ, grow in their faith, and build relationships with others.

Camp Activities and Programs

Lake Aurora Christian Camp offers an extensive range of activities and programs tailored to the needs and interests of our campers. Our programs are designed to provide a holistic and transformative experience that fosters spiritual growth, personal development, and a love for the outdoors.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are the highlight of our year, offering a variety of themed programs for children and youth of all ages. From traditional camp activities like archery, swimming, and hiking to specialized programs focused on STEM, arts, and leadership, there’s something for everyone at Lake Aurora.

  • Adventure Camp:For thrill-seekers who love the outdoors, our Adventure Camp offers rock climbing, kayaking, and zip-lining.
  • Discovery Camp:Designed for younger campers, Discovery Camp introduces them to the wonders of nature through hands-on activities, crafts, and games.
  • Quest Camp:A unique program that combines outdoor challenges with spiritual exploration, Quest Camp helps campers develop their faith and leadership skills.
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Lake Aurora Christian Camp also hosts retreats for adults, families, and church groups. Our retreats provide a peaceful and inspiring setting for reflection, renewal, and spiritual growth. We offer customized programs that can be tailored to specific needs, such as:

  • Marriage Retreats:Strengthen your bond with your spouse through guided discussions, activities, and time spent together in nature.
  • Family Retreats:Create lasting memories with your family as you engage in fun activities, share meals, and deepen your connections.
  • Church Group Retreats:Build community and foster spiritual growth within your church through shared worship, workshops, and fellowship.


Our campers and retreat participants have consistently praised the transformative experiences they have had at Lake Aurora Christian Camp. Here are just a few testimonials:

“My kids had the time of their lives at Adventure Camp! They came home with new skills, a love for the outdoors, and a stronger faith.”

Sarah, parent of two campers

“Our family retreat at Lake Aurora was a much-needed getaway. We reconnected with each other and with God in a beautiful and peaceful setting.”

John, family retreat participant

“As a church group, our retreat at Lake Aurora helped us build stronger relationships and deepen our understanding of our faith.”

Pastor Mark, church group leader

Facilities and Accommodations

Lake Aurora Christian Camp offers a range of comfortable and well-maintained facilities to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay for campers.

Our campgrounds feature a variety of cabins to accommodate different group sizes and preferences. Cabins are equipped with bunk beds, comfortable mattresses, and ample storage space. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with showers and toilets.

Dining Halls, Lake aurora christian camp

Campers can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals in our spacious dining halls. The dining halls are fully equipped with modern appliances and offer a variety of seating options. Our experienced kitchen staff prepares meals using fresh, local ingredients, ensuring a healthy and satisfying dining experience.

Recreation Areas

The campgrounds offer a wide range of recreation areas for campers to enjoy. These areas include:

  • A large outdoor pool with a waterslide
  • A basketball court and volleyball court
  • A soccer field and baseball field
  • A hiking trail that leads to a scenic overlook
  • A campfire circle for evening gatherings and s’mores
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Camp Staff and Leadership

At Lake Aurora Christian Camp, our dedicated team of leaders and staff members are the cornerstone of our mission to provide a transformative experience for every camper. Our staff is carefully selected for their passion for youth development, their commitment to Christian values, and their unwavering enthusiasm for creating a safe and nurturing environment where campers can thrive.

Qualifications and Experience

Our staff undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications and experience to work with children and youth. Many of our staff members hold degrees in education, recreation, or related fields. They also undergo comprehensive training in areas such as child development, first aid, and CPR.

In addition, our staff is required to pass a thorough background check and provide references from previous employers.

Commitment to Campers

Our staff is deeply committed to providing a positive and enriching experience for every camper. They go above and beyond to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where campers feel valued and respected. Our staff members are always available to listen, offer guidance, and help campers overcome challenges.

They are also passionate about sharing their faith with campers and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Staff Testimonials

Our staff members are truly the heart and soul of Lake Aurora Christian Camp. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our campers, and they consistently go the extra mile to ensure that every camper has a memorable and meaningful experience.”Working

at Lake Aurora Christian Camp has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me,” says Sarah, one of our camp counselors. “I love seeing the campers grow and learn, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.””The

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staff at Lake Aurora Christian Camp is like a family,” says John, our camp director. “We are all committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where campers can thrive. I am proud of the work that our staff does, and I am grateful for their dedication to our campers.”

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Impact and Community Involvement

Lake Aurora Christian Camp has a profound impact on its campers and the surrounding community. The camp provides a transformative experience for youth, fostering spiritual growth, character development, and leadership skills. Through its outreach programs and partnerships with local organizations, the camp extends its positive influence beyond its own gates.

Outreach Programs

Lake Aurora Christian Camp actively engages in outreach programs that serve underprivileged communities. The camp hosts free or low-cost summer camps for children from low-income families, providing them with a week of fun, learning, and spiritual enrichment. The camp also organizes volunteer trips to local soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and community centers, allowing campers to make a tangible difference in their community.

Community Partnerships

Lake Aurora Christian Camp collaborates with a variety of local organizations to enhance its impact. The camp partners with schools to provide after-school programs that offer mentorship, tutoring, and character education. The camp also works with local churches to host community events, such as family picnics and Christmas caroling, that bring people together and foster a sense of unity.

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“Lake Aurora Christian Camp has been a life-changing experience for my son. He came home from camp with a renewed faith, a newfound confidence, and a desire to serve others. The camp’s impact on his life has been immeasurable.”

Parent of a camper

“The outreach programs at Lake Aurora Christian Camp are making a real difference in our community. The free summer camp for underprivileged children gives them a chance to experience the joy of camp and learn valuable life skills. We are so grateful for the camp’s commitment to serving others.”

Director of a local community center

Concluding Remarks: Lake Aurora Christian Camp

Lake aurora christian camp

Lake Aurora Christian Camp is more than just a summer retreat; it’s a transformative experience that shapes young lives forever. As campers return home, they carry with them the lessons they’ve learned, the friendships they’ve made, and a renewed sense of purpose that guides their path.

General Inquiries

What is the mission of Lake Aurora Christian Camp?

To provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and teenagers can grow in their faith, develop character, and experience the love of Christ.

What activities are offered at the camp?

A wide range of activities are available, including sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and special events.

Who is eligible to attend the camp?

Children and teenagers of all ages are welcome to participate in the camp’s programs.