Lawrence KS Movie Theater: Your Guide to the Best Cinema Experiences

Welcome to Lawrence KS Movie Theater, your comprehensive guide to the vibrant cinema scene in Lawrence, Kansas. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor seeking entertainment, this guide has everything you need to plan the perfect movie-going experience.

From the latest blockbusters to independent films, Lawrence KS Movie Theater offers a diverse range of cinematic options. Dive into the world of movies with our detailed theater listings, showtimes, and movie reviews tailored specifically for Lawrence residents.

Theater Listings and Showtimes: Lawrence Ks Movie Theater

Lawrence ks movie theater

Lawrence, KS, offers a vibrant movie-going experience with several theaters showcasing the latest releases and classic films. To help you plan your cinematic adventure, here’s a comprehensive list of movie theaters in Lawrence, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and links to their websites.

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Theater Listings

Theater Name Address Phone Number Website
AMC East Hills 8 6700 E 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 66049 (785) 843-1000 Visit Website
Landmark’s University Theatre 1440 Jayhawk Blvd, Lawrence, KS 66045 (785) 843-4234 Visit Website
Regal Lawrence 14 3301 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046 (785) 842-7474 Visit Website

Each theater offers a diverse selection of movies, ranging from blockbusters to independent films. Visit their websites or call the theaters directly for up-to-date movie listings and showtimes.

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Theater Amenities and Special Events

Lawrence, Kansas movie theaters provide a range of amenities and host special events to enhance your movie-going experience. From comfortable seating options to immersive sound systems, there’s something for everyone.

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Seating and Amenities

  • Stadium seating: Most theaters in Lawrence feature stadium seating, which provides elevated seats with clear views of the screen.
  • IMAX screens: AMC East Hills 12 offers IMAX screens for an immersive movie experience with larger screens and enhanced sound systems.
  • Concessions: All theaters offer a variety of concessions, including popcorn, candy, and drinks. Some theaters also have expanded menus with hot food items and alcoholic beverages.

Special Events and Promotions

  • Movie marathons: Some theaters host movie marathons, featuring back-to-back screenings of popular films or themed collections.
  • Themed nights: Theaters may host themed nights, such as “Ladies’ Night” or “Senior Night,” with special discounts and promotions.

Accessibility Features

  • Wheelchair access: All theaters are wheelchair accessible, with ramps and designated seating areas for patrons with disabilities.
  • Assistive listening devices: Some theaters provide assistive listening devices for patrons with hearing impairments.

Local Film Industry

Lawrence, Kansas, has a thriving local film industry, supported by a dedicated community of filmmakers, production companies, and film festivals.

The city hosts the annual Lawrence Film Festival , which showcases independent films from around the world. The festival provides a platform for aspiring filmmakers to screen their work and connect with industry professionals.

Production Companies

Lawrence is home to several production companies, including:

  • The Film Collective: A non-profit organization that provides resources and support to local filmmakers.
  • 3 Point Circle Productions: A production company specializing in documentaries and short films.
  • Prairie Star Films: A production company focused on feature-length films and television shows.
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Notable Filmmakers

Notable filmmakers from Lawrence include:

  • Kelly Reichardt: Director of acclaimed films such as “Wendy and Lucy” and “Certain Women.”
  • Mike Mills: Director of “Beginners” and “20th Century Women.”
  • Jeremy Saulnier: Director of “Blue Ruin” and “Green Room.”

Opportunities for Aspiring Filmmakers, Lawrence ks movie theater

Lawrence offers various opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to get involved in the local film scene:

  • The University of Kansas Film & Media Studies Department: Offers undergraduate and graduate programs in film production.
  • The Lawrence Arts Center: Hosts workshops and classes in filmmaking.
  • The Film Collective: Provides mentorship and networking opportunities for emerging filmmakers.

Movie-Themed Activities and Attractions

Lawrence ks movie theater

Lawrence, Kansas, offers an array of movie-themed experiences that cater to cinephiles and film enthusiasts. From guided tours of historic theaters to interactive movie-making workshops, there’s something for everyone who loves the magic of cinema.

For those seeking a deeper dive into the world of film, the University of Kansas offers a Master of Arts in Film Studies program, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of film theory, history, and production.

Movie-Themed Tours and Screenings

Lawrence boasts several historic theaters that offer guided tours, providing a glimpse into the golden age of cinema. The Granada Theater, built in 1929, is a beautifully preserved Art Deco masterpiece that regularly hosts movie screenings and live performances.

The Liberty Hall, another historic venue, offers a unique experience with its classic movie nights. Patrons can enjoy a film in the theater’s intimate setting, complete with vintage concessions and a Wurlitzer organ.

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Interactive Movie Experiences

For those looking to get hands-on with filmmaking, the Lawrence Arts Center offers a variety of workshops and classes. From screenwriting to film editing, aspiring filmmakers can learn the craft from experienced professionals.

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The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, an annual event held in Lawrence, showcases the work of local filmmakers and provides opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Movie-Related Merchandise and Memorabilia

Lawrence is home to several shops that cater to movie enthusiasts. The Screening Room sells a wide selection of DVDs, Blu-rays, and movie posters, while The Film Scene specializes in rare and collectible film memorabilia.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, local artists create custom movie-themed artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.

Film-Related Landmarks and Historical Sites

Lawrence has played a role in the history of film, with several notable landmarks and historical sites.

  • The Haskell Indian Nations University served as the filming location for the 1994 film “The Shawshank Redemption.”
  • The University of Kansas’s Spencer Research Library houses a collection of rare film posters and other memorabilia.
  • The Lawrence Public Library offers a variety of film-related programs and events, including screenings, lectures, and workshops.

Last Recap

With its thriving film industry, special events, and movie-themed attractions, Lawrence KS Movie Theater is a haven for cinema enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or a solo movie adventure, this guide will help you make the most of your cinematic experience in Lawrence, Kansas.

Helpful Answers

What are the best movie theaters in Lawrence KS?

Lawrence KS boasts several excellent movie theaters, including AMC Lawrence 13, Regal Lawrence Stadium 14, and Liberty Hall.

What are the latest movie releases in Lawrence KS?

Check our movie listings for the most up-to-date information on the latest movie releases in Lawrence KS.

Does Lawrence KS have a local film industry?

Yes, Lawrence KS has a thriving local film industry with film festivals, production companies, and notable filmmakers.