Discover Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria: A Premier Destination for Automotive Excellence

Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria stands as a beacon of automotive excellence, offering an unparalleled experience that caters to discerning drivers. From its exceptional sales and leasing services to its state-of-the-art service and repair department, Lindsay Lexus is committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

With an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles, Lindsay Lexus empowers you to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and needs. Their knowledgeable sales team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and informed decision.

Lindsay Lexus Dealership in Alexandria

Lindsay lexus in alexandria

Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria is a premier destination for all your automotive needs. We offer a wide range of services, including sales, leasing, financing, and repairs, to ensure that you have a seamless and satisfying experience with us.

Our dealership boasts an extensive inventory of new and used Lexus vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a sleek sedan, a spacious SUV, or a high-performance sports car, we have the perfect Lexus for you. Our knowledgeable sales team will guide you through our inventory and help you find the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Lindsay Lexus, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional experience from the moment they walk through our doors. Our friendly and professional staff is dedicated to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and ensuring that you leave our dealership feeling confident and satisfied.

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Reputation in the Community

Lindsay Lexus has earned a reputation for excellence in the Alexandria community. We are recognized for our exceptional customer service, our commitment to quality, and our dedication to giving back to the community. Our dealership has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Lexus Premier Dealer Award, which is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of service.

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Location and Contact Information for Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria

If you’re in search of a Lexus dealership in Alexandria, Lindsay Lexus is your destination. Conveniently located, our dealership offers a wide selection of new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles, as well as exceptional customer service.

Our dealership is situated at 3535 Jefferson Davis Highway, Alexandria, VA 22305. For your convenience, we’ve provided a map and directions to guide you to our location. You can also reach us by phone at (703) 780-2270 or via email at [email protected].

Hours of Operation

To ensure you have a seamless experience, we’ve Artikeld our hours of operation below:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Financing Options at Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria

Lindsay lexus in alexandria

Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria offers a range of financing options to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned Lexus, our experienced finance team will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and lifestyle.

We have strong relationships with banks and lenders, allowing us to secure competitive financing rates and terms for our customers. Our flexible financing options include:


  • Conventional loans: These loans offer fixed interest rates and terms, providing predictable monthly payments.
  • Balloon loans: These loans have lower monthly payments during the initial period, followed by a larger final payment at the end of the term.
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Leases, Lindsay lexus in alexandria

  • Standard leases: These leases allow you to drive a new Lexus for a predetermined period, typically 24 or 36 months, with lower monthly payments compared to loans.
  • Lease-to-own leases: These leases provide the option to purchase the Lexus at the end of the lease term.


If you’re currently financing your Lexus through another lender, we can help you refinance your loan to secure a lower interest rate or more favorable terms.

Service and Repair at Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria

Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria provides comprehensive service and repair for all Lexus models. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, and our team of highly trained technicians are certified to perform all necessary maintenance and repairs.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Brake repairs
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Transmission repairs
  • Suspension repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Body repairs

We use only genuine Lexus parts and fluids, and we back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer a variety of convenient amenities, such as a comfortable waiting area, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary snacks and beverages.

Genuine Lexus Parts and Quality Workmanship

When you bring your Lexus to Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria, you can rest assured that it will be serviced by experts who know your vehicle inside and out. We use only genuine Lexus parts, which are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our technicians are also highly trained and experienced, and they take pride in their work.

We understand that your Lexus is a valuable investment, and we want to help you keep it running in top condition for many years to come. That’s why we offer a variety of maintenance and repair services, all designed to keep your Lexus performing at its best.

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Testimonials and Reviews for Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria

Lindsay lexus in alexandria

Customer testimonials and reviews play a vital role in shaping the reputation of any dealership. Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria has received mixed feedback from customers, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses.

Positive Testimonials

  • Customers often praise the dealership’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.
  • Many reviewers appreciate the dealership’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their willingness to address any concerns or issues promptly.
  • The dealership’s modern facilities and state-of-the-art service center also receive positive feedback.

Negative Reviews

  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the dealership’s pricing, claiming that it is higher than competitors.
  • Others have complained about the dealership’s communication, particularly regarding appointment scheduling and service updates.
  • A few reviewers have also mentioned experiencing delays in service or repairs.

Online Reputation

Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria has a generally positive reputation online, with an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Reviews and 4.7 stars on Yelp.

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Dealership’s Response to Feedback

The dealership actively monitors customer feedback and responds to both positive and negative reviews. They have implemented measures to address common concerns, such as improving communication and streamlining appointment scheduling.

Final Review

Lindsay lexus in alexandria

As you entrust your vehicle to Lindsay Lexus, you can rest assured that it will receive the utmost care and attention. Their skilled technicians utilize genuine Lexus parts and advanced diagnostic equipment to restore your vehicle to pristine condition. Lindsay Lexus goes above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction, building a lasting relationship based on trust and exceptional service.

FAQ Resource

What are the financing options available at Lindsay Lexus?

Lindsay Lexus offers a range of financing options tailored to meet your specific needs, including loans, leases, and refinancing. Their experienced finance team will work with you to find the best solution for your budget and lifestyle.

What types of services are offered by Lindsay Lexus’s service and repair department?

Lindsay Lexus’s service and repair department provides a comprehensive range of services, from routine maintenance such as oil changes and brake repairs to complex engine diagnostics and repairs. They use only genuine Lexus parts and follow strict quality standards to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance.