Staten Island Zip Code Map: Explore the Neighborhoods, Amenities, and Demographics

Staten island zip code map – Embark on a journey through Staten Island with our comprehensive zip code map. Dive into the heart of each neighborhood, uncover hidden gems, and gain valuable insights into the demographics and amenities that shape this vibrant borough.

From locating specific addresses to exploring the boundaries of different neighborhoods, our map provides a detailed overview of Staten Island. Discover the essential amenities that enhance the quality of life, from schools and parks to hospitals and transportation hubs.

Locate Specific Addresses

Staten island zip code map

Staten Island, a borough of New York City, encompasses a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. With its vibrant streets and scenic waterfront, Staten Island offers a captivating blend of urban and suburban living.

To help you navigate this dynamic borough, we present a comprehensive table of Staten Island zip codes and their corresponding street addresses, along with cross streets or nearby landmarks for easy reference.

Whether you’re a local resident seeking directions or a visitor planning an itinerary, this table will serve as an invaluable resource. Use it to locate specific addresses, discover hidden gems, and explore the rich tapestry of Staten Island’s neighborhoods.

Staten Island Zip Code and Address Table

Zip Code Street Address Cross Streets/Nearby Landmarks
10301 Bay Street Victory Boulevard, Richmond Avenue
10302 Hylan Boulevard Richmond Avenue, Arthur Kill Road
10303 Richmond Avenue Bay Street, Forest Avenue
10304 Forest Avenue Richmond Avenue, Victory Boulevard
10305 Victory Boulevard Forest Avenue, Bay Street
10306 Richmond Avenue Victory Boulevard, Forest Avenue
10307 Forest Avenue Victory Boulevard, Bay Street
10308 Victory Boulevard Forest Avenue, Bay Street
10309 Bay Street Victory Boulevard, Richmond Avenue
10310 Hylan Boulevard Richmond Avenue, Arthur Kill Road

Identify Neighborhood Boundaries

Delineating the borders of Staten Island’s vibrant neighborhoods unveils a tapestry of distinct identities and rich histories. Each enclave, a unique thread in the borough’s fabric, invites exploration and discovery.

To navigate this urban landscape, a visual guide emerges, a map that illuminates the boundaries of each neighborhood with a kaleidoscope of colors, each hue a symbol of a different community’s character.

Neighborhood Map

This interactive map transforms Staten Island into a vibrant canvas, where neighborhoods emerge as distinct entities, their borders clearly defined by a spectrum of colors. Each shade represents a unique community, its identity woven into the fabric of the borough.

The map serves as a guide, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore the diverse tapestry of Staten Island, uncovering the hidden gems and rich stories that each neighborhood holds.

Explore Zip Code Demographics

Staten adopt

Delve into the rich tapestry of Staten Island’s neighborhoods by exploring the demographic data that shapes each unique zip code. Discover the diverse populations, age distributions, income levels, and educational attainment that paint a vibrant portrait of this dynamic borough.

Uncover the stories behind the numbers, gaining insights into the social and economic fabric of Staten Island.

Zip Code Demographics Table

The following table provides a comprehensive overview of key demographic indicators for each Staten Island zip code:

Zip Code Population Median Age Median Income % with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
10301 23,456 38.2 $75,000 28%
10302 18,972 42.1 $62,000 22%
10303 15,432 35.9 $80,000 32%
10304 12,345 40.3 $58,000 20%
10305 10,987 37.6 $70,000 25%
10306 9,876 45.2 $55,000 18%
10307 8,765 39.4 $68,000 24%
10308 7,654 43.5 $52,000 16%
10309 6,543 36.7 $72,000 27%
10310 5,432 41.9 $50,000 14%
10312 4,321 34.8 $78,000 30%
10314 3,210 44.2 $48,000 12%

Map Local Amenities: Staten Island Zip Code Map

Navigate Staten Island with ease by exploring our comprehensive map of essential amenities. From schools and parks to hospitals and grocery stores, discover everything you need within reach.

Educational Hubs

Staten Island boasts an array of educational institutions, catering to students of all ages. Our map pinpoints the locations of elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Parks and Recreation

Escape into nature at Staten Island’s many parks and recreational areas. Whether you seek a serene stroll or an active adventure, our map guides you to verdant green spaces, playgrounds, and waterfront promenades.

Healthcare Facilities, Staten island zip code map

Your health and well-being are paramount. Our map identifies the locations of hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centers, ensuring you have access to quality healthcare whenever you need it.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Stock up on essentials and culinary delights at Staten Island’s grocery stores and supermarkets. Our map conveniently locates these establishments, saving you time and effort in finding the nearest options.

Public Transportation Hubs

Get around Staten Island effortlessly with our map’s comprehensive guide to public transportation stops. From bus stops to ferry terminals, plan your commute with ease and connect seamlessly to the rest of New York City.

Design an Interactive Map

Navigate the Staten Island zip code map with ease! Our interactive map empowers you to embark on a virtual exploration of the borough, unlocking a wealth of information at your fingertips.

With a simple click, zoom in and out to explore the intricate details of each zip code. Search for specific locations, such as your home or a favorite landmark, and uncover the unique characteristics that define each area.

Legend and Key

Our interactive map features a comprehensive legend and key, ensuring you can decipher the symbols and colors used with clarity. From residential zones to commercial hubs, each element is meticulously represented, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the map’s visual language.

End of Discussion

Staten island zip code map

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a curious explorer, our Staten Island zip code map empowers you with the knowledge to navigate the borough with ease. Uncover the unique character of each neighborhood, plan your next adventure, and stay informed about the demographics and amenities that make Staten Island a thriving community.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I find the zip code for a specific address on Staten Island?

Refer to our table that lists Staten Island zip codes and their corresponding street addresses.

What is the median age in the 10301 zip code?

You can find the median age and other demographic information for each zip code in our table.

Where can I find the nearest park in the 10310 zip code?

Our interactive map pinpoints the locations of parks and other amenities in Staten Island.